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The point of this community is mainly to get people interested in comic books. I figure if people see good excerpts of comics, they might actually go out and buy them.

I'm going to lay down some ground rules, but they'll probably change a bit as we get more members. Check back here every so often and everything'll be fine.

Here be the rules:

  1. No manga: This was a tough choice (I'm a fan of the stuff) but manga/anime has enough of a following and doesn't need more support in the market.

  2. Sexual/violent/otherwise potentially offensive comics are fine: Chances are someone will find something posted here offensive. If that's the case, scroll past it and move on. You do not have to comment on it just to say you don't like it.

  3. That being said, Put all sexual/violent/ otherwise potentially offensive comics behind an LJ-cut: People should be able to browse the community at work without fear of being fired. Also, be clear if what you put behind a cut is potentially Not Work Safe (NWS).

  4. NWS (Not work safe), NSFW (Not safe for work) or both acceptable tags: I don't care what kind of tag you use or what it stands for as long as it's clear that you shouldn't click it if you're at work, or any other place where you might get arrested for looking at such things (Family Fun Center).

  5. Which brings to this next point: People are allowed to screw up every once in a while: If someone forgets to put something behind an LJ-cut and a NWS tag, just remind them to do so and move on; you don't have to be mean about it.